Wednesday, April 25, 2012
These are habits you have, the way you speak that is often a set-up for a let-down; you shoot yourself in the foot. One that comes to mind is called “putting your present intentions in the past tense”. What that means is you want to do something but you put it in the past tense that sounds like you wanted to do it. People will say, “I wanted to ask you,” “what I wanted to say was,” “I was getting ready to say.” When people say to me, “I wanted to ask you”. I often respond , “well, do you still want to ask me?” Because it is curious, if you say “I wanted to ask you, …” it sounds like you don’t anymore. So what you want to do is take the present intentions and put it in the present tense. So instead of saying “I just wanted to ask you …” say, “I want to ask you …” It makes a BIG difference and you have a lot more power.
Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Here are the five basic steps to do well at anything. If you remember these five steps you are going to really be successful at anything, in any context. They are:
      1. Show up on time – be there on time.
      2. Be nice to people - show some grace, some manners and some appreciation.
      3. Do what you say you will do – make sure you are going to deliver.
      4. Deliver more than you promise - dazzle them with something more than what’s expected.
      5. Do it with energy and passion.

 When you do those five things you’ll be struck to see how employable you’ll be; how successful you are, and how the money rolls in.
Tuesday, April 10, 2012
If you are going to do something, do it like you are really excited. When you actually attach energy and passion to something then all your pistons start firing and you dazzle everybody. Enthusiasm is a very infectious quality and the more enthusiastic you are about something, the more you are going to be attracting people who want to hire you and keep you employed. Therefore, do it with energy and passion, you’ll get everybody’s attention and you’ll have a great time at the same time.