Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Do you notice how often you’re reluctant to lose weight because it’s hard to picture yourself slim and healthy?  Perhaps you’ve been overweight for so long that the idea of imagining yourself slim is just unthinkable.  Start rehearsing in your mind what you would look like and how you would feel if you were slim.  Imagine yourself slim and healthy and do it on a regular basis.  What are you wearing?  Who are you hanging around?  What are you doing?  The more you imagine and rehearse yourself being slim and healthy the more you are going to begin to believe that it’s actually possible.  So, rehearse and duplicate and you will begin to see results. 
Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When you eat you generally eat for one of three reasons: 
  1. nutrition
  2. connection
  3. medication
When you are medicating, you know you are upset because something happened.  Notice how often you eat when you are upset with the illusion that that’s going to help.  Instead, do something other than medicating through eating… write a letter, clean the garage, or go take a walk.  Simply do something other than medicating and you’ll begin to lose weight and have more control. 
Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How often do you eat when what you really want is connection?  How often is eating over a social event like lunch or time with the family?  Most of the time when people are eating for connection purposes, they are mindlessly eating because what they really want is to be connected with other people.  So start paying attention to how often you are using connection as an excuse to eat.  You will notice that you really do want to spend more time connecting with people and it is really unnecessary to overeat.  So spend more time on connection and less time on over-stuffing, you’ll start noticing more control.